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Why You Should Trust a Handyman for Your Toilet Repair Needs

As any homeowner will tell you, toilets tend to be a major source of plumbing emergencies or breakdowns. While it’s tempting to fix your toilet yourself, unless you are a skilled and trained professional plumber, it is highly recommended that you turn to the best handyman Memphis TN for your toilet repair needs.

A toilet is not only one of the most used objects in a home, it also tends to be the most neglected. A broken or damaged toilet can lead to costly water damage, mold problems, and other issues that can have serious health implications for you and your family. If your toilet is experiencing any of these issues, a handyman can help you restore it to its original state in no time at all.

The most common problem with a toilet is a clog, which can be easily fixed by shutting off the water supply valve. This is usually located behind the toilet or next to it, and can be turned off by turning it clockwise. Once the water has been turned off, flushing the toilet can be helpful in reducing the size of the clog so that it is easier to remove.

Another common problem is a leak from the tank. This is usually caused by a worn seal between the flapper valve and the float. A handyman can replace the flapper seat and seal and repair any cracks in the toilet’s tank to prevent water from leaking out of the overflow pipe or waste pipe.

Leaks from the base of your toilet can also be a problem, especially if it is leaking into the subflooring underneath the toilet. The moisture can soak into the wood and cause mold or rot. A handyman can replace the wax ring and tighten the tee bolts to resolve this issue.

A handyman can also help you install a new toilet if necessary. This involves removing the old toilet, putting in a new one, and adjusting the flange bolts to ensure that it is secure. This is a project that many homeowners struggle to complete themselves, but a skilled and experienced handyman can do it quickly and efficiently. If you’re thinking about becoming a handyman, it is important to create a business plan and assess your skills and experience before you decide to start your own business. This will help you determine the services that you will offer and how much demand there is for your service in your area. It is also important to think about what tools and equipment you will need to get started. Ideally, you will want to have a wide range of skills and knowledge that will allow you to take on a variety of projects. You may even consider working alongside a licensed plumber to expand your knowledge of plumbing. This can be a great way to gain additional skills and build your reputation as a jack-of-all-trades. It is also a good idea to network with other handymen, as they can provide you with valuable information about the trade.

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